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"Looking For Affiliate Friendly Traffic That Converts?"

I Guarantee....You Get 90% Tier 1, Unique Clicks Or Your Money Back

Approved By Trusted Solo Ad Resources

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Check Out, What My Customers Are Saying About My Service.

"Jignesh Has Provided Me With More Than Any Other solo ad providers"

"Jignesh Is Very Supportive And Very Helpful, I Am Very Pleased With All Of His Work"

"I Recommend Him 1000%, The man knows what he is doing"

"I Had A 38% Opt-in Rate, Even Made A sale At The End"

"Received 42% Opt-In Rate And Even Made 2 Sales"

"I Am Completely Satisfied, His Traffic Is Awesome"

"I Ordered 100 Clicks And Received 122 Clicks, You Should Give Him A Try Today"

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Jignesh, WOW is all I have to say, First time with Udimi and I am impressed .A great solo ad run, no sales yet but lots of sign-ups and some hot prospects. You delivered!! Thank you so much.

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Great results with Jingesh ! 40%+ opt-in rate, and 2 front end sales as well ! Fast delivery, High- Quality traffic, And super easy to work with. I will absolutely be back for more with my next product!

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Jignesh did very good job and fast delivery , actually amazing if you consider amount of visitors I ordered from him over 35% opt-ins and sale , Definitely will do business with him again..

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Traffic was delivered quickly I had 11 opt- in, It was a pleasure doing business with you.

By the way Kimberley only bought 50 clicks.

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"Excellent Service With Great Opt - In Rate! Sale Came In Too ! I Will Buy Again From Jignesh"

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Good solo.

"I definitely recommend if you are looking to get responsive targeted traffic to your business. You need to check out Jignesh Chauhan solo ads. Jignesh is really great to work with. He is definitely one of my go to sources for traffic."

- Anthony Harris

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Hi, I'm Jignesh Chauhan, I'm 37 years old, I live In Sydney With My Wife & My Son.

I know ... I know this is not what you want to know.

So Let's Talk About How I End Up Here And Why I Want To Provide Quality Traffic To Affiliates?

Because I started online in 2015, From selling Old clothing on Ebay, Joining few network marketing scams, losing $ 10,000....Than I decided To join Affiliate marketing and started buying all kinds of affiliate marketing Courses & Software and those ongoing subscriptions 1 after the other, Investing almost $30,000...and still not being able to generate results. In my 4 years affiliate marketing stint My biggest problem has been generating consistent targeted traffic to affiliate products, Traffic has been the single most confusing challenge I've bumped into. I was able to quickly understand what products to promote, but it took me years of trial and error to fit the right traffic to these offers.

I Even Got Scammed By Some Shady Solo Ads Vendors In The Past..

I've spent a lots of money on Facebook, but was never able to break even. Plus, 30 of my Facebook accounts got banned, because they hate affiliate marketers.

I tried building my email list with solo ads, But got scammed by some shady solo ads vendors, Where they sent me bot clicks and fake traffic. Because I didn’t know what I know now and wasn’t using any tracking software to track my clicks and didn’t even ask solo ad vendors to provide a tracking report

It's been years since I started, but traffic continues to be the #1 problem for most affiliate marketers today. For almost all affiliates who never make anything online, traffic is the reason why they fail.

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Here's How I Can Help You?

First of all let me confess That, I am a new solo ads seller in the market And That gives me the big reason to go the extra mile to win your business and score positive feedback to build my business long term.

I Guarantee Satisfaction.

Here is what I will do for you....

I will Send targeted, Affiliate friendly EMAIL traffic To your capture page without putting pressure on your pocket.

Now you don’t have to spend most of your time thinking of how to create ads, And worrying about account bans anymore.

All you have to do is:

1. Send me your landing page URL 

2. I’ll write an email swipe (aka creative) to promote your landing page. (Optional)

3. I’ll load this email swipe into my auto-responder and blast it to my email subscribers who are interested in similar products.

4. I’ll guarantee you’ll receive real & Unique visitors to your landing page link or I don’t want your money! 

If you’d like to work with me, please use the order buttons below to submit your order right now.

Any question before you order?

Click Here To Email Me


Top Notch Customer Support

I support you beyond "clicks." If you need help with your marketing campaigns, email swipes, landing pages and more - let's chat, I can help.

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First time buyers get VIP treatment

If you're a first time customer, you qualify for the "first time client" discount. That's my way of breaking the ice on your first transaction with me


On time delivery

I never miss a deadline. Your campaign will start and finish on time

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Free Solo Ad Swipe

Don't know how to write a great solo ad creative? I got you covered. Just tell me what you're promoting and I'll put together a high-CTR email swipe for you at no extra charge

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Clean Unique Clicks Guaranteed

My heavy-duty traffic filters block any and every fake bot that may getting in. And if any fake clicks slip through, I'll resend those clicks again - for free. You get real clicks or you don't pay!

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Detailed traffic report

You get a detailed breakdown of your traffic campaign (and conversions, if you ask me to track them) at the end of each campaign, so you know exactly what you paid for!


My traffic is 90% top tier

Most of my traffic is coming from English-speaking countries where people have credit cards, good exchange rate and a banking system that encourages credit. Perfect for affiliate marketers like you!

I guarantee you will get exact amount of Unique clicks you ordered or more.

There is no risk on your side. Get exactly what you pay for or more.


First time clients get 10% click bonus - FREE

Order 500 clicks, get 550. Order 1,000 clicks, get 1,100. No matter the amount of traffic you order, I will send at least 10% extra, if you're a first time customer to show you that I'm willing to bend over backwards to make you happy.

<<<<<< My Past Achievements >>>>>>

Epc institute  certificate
copy writing

Special Deal

10% Discount On Any Package For Igor Kheifets Students

Contact Me Here For Discount:

Please Use, Discount In Your Subject Line

Ready To Test Drive My traffic?

There's a traffic package for every marketer and a marketer for every traffic package. Big or small, rich or poor, you will be able to find a package that fits for you. For any questions, please email me at

Expert Package

  • 1000 unique visitors to your landing page
  • Free campaign report upon completion
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • 90% top tier traffic
  • 10% Over Delivery

Regular Price $680 Today Only $600

Advanced Package

  • 500 unique visitors to your landing page
  • Free campaign report upon completion
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • 90% top tier bump
  • 10% Over Delivery

Regular Price $375 Today only $325

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Intermediate Package

  • 300 unique visitors to your landing page
  • Free campaign report upon completion
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • 90% top tier Traffic
  • 10% Over delivery

Regular Price $255 Today Only $210

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Small Package

  • 200 unique visitors to your landing page
  • Free campaign report upon completion
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • 90% top tier bump
  • 10% Over delivery

Regular Price $180 Today Only $150

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For Customized Traffic package as per as your needs, Please contact me at :

For Customize Order Contact Me At:


Facebook Messenger:


1. I guarantee you’ll receive the exact amount of Unique clicks you ordered (or more). If you end up with fewer clicks than promised, I will keep sending traffic until you’ve got what you paid for (or more!).

2. I guarantee you’ll receive only real quality traffic and no fake clicks or bot clicks. If some fake clicks slip through the cracks, I’ll resend those clicks at no charge to you. Either get real traffic or don’t pay!

3. I guarantee to work my ass off to ensure your satisfaction. I can’t guarantee sales, but I’ll do everything within my locus of control to get you real traffic, on time and help you through any challenges that may come up.

triple gurntee


We've got A's for your Q's

Do I get Opt-in Rate guarantee?

Yes, You Get 25% opt- in rate guarantee, But In Order To Qualify For an Opt-in rate Guarantee I Will Have To Analyze and optimize Your Landing Page To Make Sure It converts at 25% or more.

❖ When will my order start?

If your offer is a good fit with my list, I will deliver your order within 24 hours or less. Money loves speed ;)

❖ How will my order be tracked?

As a customer of mine, you get free tracking done for you. You can enjoy your peace of mind while I set everything up for you, and provide you with a full tracking report when your order is complete.

❖ Do you count raw clicks or unique clicks?

I guarantee delivery of the dedicated number of visitors you order, by only counting unique clicks. In other words, you pay per visitor - not per click. If a visitor clicks on your link twice or three times, you will only pay for him or her once, with the rest of the clicks received for free.

❖ Do you offer USA only clicks?

Yes. While my standard traffic is 90% tier1, I also hold a section of pure USA traffic. Contact me in private for more details.


❖ What is the source of your clicks?

Placing an order with me allows you exclusive access to hot email lists of fresh, engaged solo ad prospects.


❖ How can I track opt-in rate?

As the owner of your capture page, you are the one tracking your opt-in rate. You will be able to access it on your end if you are building your own list, or with the product provider if someone else follows up with your leads for you.

❖ Will you provide ad copy or do I need to provide one?

If your offer is a good fit with my list, I will carefully analyze it and write the best copy that will resonate with my list for you, for free. If you insist on using your own copy for any reason, please message me with further details and I will consider it.

❖ How much of your traffic is mobile?

I have different list segments, with both mobile and desktop traffic available. If you’re specifically interested in one or the other, contact me in private and I will hook you up with the segment you’re looking for.

❖ Will I get sales?

While no one can guarantee sales, I can guarantee access to a fresh, high-quality source of leads that is well known for the sales it scored with previous traffic campaigns. To increase your chances to score those sales further, I will also provide you with an extra 10% over delivery, on the house.

❖ How much traffic can you deliver in one order?

I offer packages of up to 2,000 clicks, but if your offer is a good fit, I am willing and capable of delivering well beyond that. If you are looking to place a large order of 10,000 clicks, 15,000 clicks, or more, message me in private and we will discuss further details.

❖ Do you offer discounts for repeat customers?

Yes. I am open to discussing a discount for your repeat orders, depending on the quantity and frequency of your orders.

❖ Do you accept paypal?


❖ Do you accept credit cards?

No, Not at the moment.

Terms and Conditions

I will work hard to ensure your satisfaction through my Triple Traffic Guarantee, but I don’t guarantee sales from my traffic.

Your order will start within 24 hours of order submission. You will receive an email from me notifying you it started and another one notifying you it ended.

If I don’t feel your offer is a good fit with my audience, your order will be refunded. If you’re not sure, email me your details so I can approve it.

You will receive 90% top tier traffic and 10% world wide traffic. The price above is for 90% top tier traffic only. If you’re promoting an USA/North America exclusive offer, please contact me for a proposal.

I reserve the right to use my own email creative If you insist on me using your creative, please email it to me ahead of time..